About my something to say

Welcome to my something to say.  This is a place of refuge created for anyone who embraces those things we feel compelled to say, but are scared shitless to.  my something to say was initially just a thought–a harrowing, obsessive, intrusive thought of yours truly [still is]–of cultivating a space for thoughts, feelings, queries, frustrations, failings, successes. I struggled for a long time about if I had something worthy to say and I realized in one liberating and empowering moment having something to say at all makes it worthy of sharing.

I’m a psychotherapist living in Chicago. I go by Beth here, but full disclosure that is not my real name (totally understand if That’s Not My Name  by the Ting Tings just popped into your head. Sames). I plan to write about personal and professional musing alike and in order to protect some of my privacy and professional integrity I have decided to add a layer of distance between us in case any curious clients begin roaming the interweb to learn more about me (although totally understandable, it is not conducive to the therapeutic process to know intimate details of your therapist’s life).

One thing that has been apparent to me throughout all of the clinical work I’ve done and in watching the people in my life is that we do not talk enough about the struggles, about the hard days, about our eccentricities, about our failures.  I have clients often articulate not knowing if others in their lives have the same fears, doubts, negativity, worries, and insecurities.  This makes my heart hurt. I believe we have a duty to normalize the raw and vulnerable pieces which means showing all of the picture. Not just the parts that make us look like we have it all together all the time.

Here you’ll find posts about self-care, parenting, yoga, mediation and mindfulness, hopes and fears, relationships–healthy and unhealthy alike, failures, mind-body connection, nature, work, love, family, and…who the hell knows what else. I hope to ultimately start some weekly columns and eventually a podcast with different topics and guests each week with any feedback from you being so incredibly welcomed.

Disclaimer: I don’t know what I’m doing.  To say I’m new at this would be an understatement. I had to take a nap after a few hours of trying to navigate how to start this blog (I hate that word, anyone else?).  Let’s be new at this together.  Can’t wait to share with you and have you share with me.

With gratitude and compassion, Your Beth.

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